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2 min readNov 11, 2020


The Cap Chronicles, Part 6 -Lemon Tek, Cap Check

“Tap-tap-tap: Are these things on?”

I still hadn’t determined whether or not I was experiencing a placebo effect from the caps I’ve been using. I have felt more relaxed, I have felt the feeling I’ve been describing and the reduction of anxiety, and having more nutrients especially mushroom based was only a check in the “winning” category”….

But still. I was concerned. What if it isn’t having a real affect and it’s all in my head?” I also had a curiosity towards what it would feel like if I took enough for a mild trip. The only other time I’ve taken mushrooms is at Burning Man, and they were liberty caps and I’m not 100% sure on the dose.

So I figured since I had the caps already I would do a lemon tek, or rather an “Orange Tek” since I had the OJ in the room already. With Mango nectar…and grapefruit soda…

What can I say? I’m fancy.

I opened the caps and dropped it into the liquid first. I stirred and let sit for about 15–20 minutes while stirring occasionally. I added the soda last and drank half of it at first and then drank the second half a few minutes later….

There are definitely *those* mushrooms in these caps. They are definitely potent. And Orange Tek definitely DEFINITELY made me feel what might be possible if I took more than 2 caps at a time.

I’m not going to say it was amazing. It wasn’t. I felt it in my head first and then knew I was not in a state where I should make any important decisions or drive. It lasted for about 3–4 hours. If I was somewhere social maybe the setting would have improved the experience. I was watching Youtube videos on finances verse listening to music or watching cool visuals. So maybe the experience would have been more pleasurable if i wasn’t in “Get it done” mode?

I did keep my focus though. So that’s good. I’m also waking up earlier.

But back to the point of this post: I confirmed the plant medicine was powerful plant medicine. And the dreams, though they’re no longer intense, were very related to my current difficult situations around money, intimacy, and housing issues.

I wanted to make a note of that: The memories of my dreams have become less intense and I’m having a harder time remembering them. Though I’m feeling like they’re more immersive when I’m in a dream state.

I may come back to this. I’ve used (2) and now (4) caps in a day. I’m going back to (1) cap a day and see what changes. I’m taking today off since I should stretch things out and also I’m thinking the 2 on/1 Off is better for applying whatever I’m learning to a world without access to a mushroom stack.

And with all of this financial instability I might be buying a compound bow today. I’ve always wanted one and it might be a good test to see how good of a shot I am on the ON/OFF days.



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